When Is a Pest Problem an Infestation?

When Is a Pest Problem an Infestation?

Most commercial and residential spaces struggle with pest control issues at some point. No matter what steps you may take to prevent insects and critters from getting into your property, they often find a way to get in. While an occasional pest like a mouse or a cockroach can be an easy thing to handle on your own, it is important to understand when the simple appearance of one of these critters turns into an infestation that needs to be dealt with on a larger scale. Learn more about when a minor pest problem turns into an infestation below from the team at BugPro below. If you are facing these issues, be sure to contact our team in Corpus Christi right away!

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One of the main reasons that you will likely start to notice that you are dealing with a potential pest infestation is that you might come across strange and unfamiliar smells in your home. While you may expect such things from rodents who leave droppings where they go, insects can also cause unfamiliar smells that are less apparent. If you notice musty stenches in specific parts of your home, there is definitely cause for investigation. If you can’t quite figure out what the source is for yourself, get in touch with a professional pest control service like BugPro to get out there and solve the problem before the issue grows larger.

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Property Damage

Are you starting to notice damage to your property that you can’t seem to make sense of? Well, the answer might be that you are dealing with an infestation from critters that are too small to identify on-site. Insects like termites frequently do their damage starting from inside of your walls, so it is possible that you won’t be aware of any issues until they have done a significant amount of work. At the first sign of any damage, you need to get in contact with a professional pest control company to diagnose and eliminate the problem in a hurry.

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As we previously mentioned, a telltale sign of an infestation is overt droppings around your property. Rodent droppings are likely to be the first thing that you would notice when dealing with a pest problem. However, insects of all kinds leave them behind as well. Cockroaches, termites, ants — they all leave waste behind. You might start to notice small black dots around your property. No matter where you find them or what their size might be, this is an indicator that you need to address the problem. Pest droppings are all potentially harmful to humans and animals, so be sure to get to the source and have the issue taken care of quickly.

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Egg Sacks and Webs

An occasional spider sighting or web isn’t necessarily a sign that you are dealing with a full infestation, but if you notice them in growing numbers around your home or business, you should start keeping an eye out for egg sacks. A single egg sack from one of these pests can hold thousands of tiny insects. This can spell trouble for you quickly and lead to an infestation that is difficult to fully eradicate. Depending on what kind of spiders you are dealing with, you could be opening yourself up to a dangerous situation.

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Grease and Grime

As you may suspect, most pests aren’t the cleanest creatures. Rodents, specifically, gather a lot of grease in their fur and spread it when they move around your home. If you start to notice small trails of this around your property, you could have an impending infestation on your hands. The best places to check for this are in dark and enclosed areas like under furniture, inside cabinets, or in secluded corners. Most pests also prefer humid environments, so keep that in mind if you suspect that you might have critters crawling around in your home. The best way to prevent this from happening is to keep your environment clean. When you are performing your various household chores, don’t hesitate to check spaces in your environment that you don’t often think about — these tend to be the spots where pests feel safe enough to set up their home without being disturbed.

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Damaged Fabrics

All fabrics will age and degrade over time and with enough use. But, if you start to notice this happening faster than it should, this could be a sign of an infestation. Again, rodents leave the most obvious signs of their presence by biting and clawing at materials. Though, all forms of pests can leave evidence in the form of grease and dirt. They can be particularly attracted to freshly washed materials, so watch out if your recently-laundered shirt suddenly starts to look unclean.

When you are facing the prospect of an infestation, the best time to act is now. For fast action from a team of experienced professionals, contact BugPro in Corpus Christi for a quote regarding our services. We can get the job done quickly and efficiently, so give us a call!

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