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BugPro is the ultimate solution for pest control in Corpus Christi, no matter if you’re facing a residential or commercial infestation. Our organization has been a part of the South Texas community since 1985 and takes great pride in providing reliable, insured, and guarantee-backed pest management.

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wood eaten by termites

Getting Rid of Pesky Termites

One common nuisance that our advanced pest control team sees time and time again is termites. Get ahead of any damage they may cause with BugPro’s comprehensive, tailored termite treatment plans. Let us help you remove these buggers and prevent them from coming back with Termidor, the #1 subterranean termite defense product available today.

a mosquito on a leaf

No More Mosquitoes in Your Backyard

If you’re just trying to enjoy the warm Texas summers, but mosquitos are ruining the party, choose our pest control in Corpus Christi. These insects can gather around standing water very easily and tend to be more noticeable during dawn and dusk. But BugPro can eliminate any trace of mosquitoes all through the summers with misting system installations and barrier treatments.

a traditional mouse trap on the ground

Ditch Traditional Mouse Traps

You may only see one or two mice on your property, but there could be many more that you don’t see. Our pest control in Corpus Christi is perfect for preventing mice and other similar rodents from getting too comfortable. BugPro will seal up any entry points and implement materials to stop them from coming back.

a woman and a pest control specialist looking at a clipboard

Experience Our Commitment to Excellence

BugPro is the #1 choice for pest management in the entire South Texas area. Our organization boasts:

  • An on-call entomologist (a specialist who studies insects)
  • Highly-trained, fully-insured technicians
  • Proven, consistent results
  • Eco-friendly, effective treatment products

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