Guide to Proactive Pest Control

Guide to Proactive Pest Control

There is nothing fun about a pesky pest problem! As a home or business owner, you have a lot on your plate to deal with and one of the last situations you want is a pest problem. At Bug Pro in Corpus Christi, our team of pest control experts can help you with all of your pest issues. Whether you have an immediate problem or are noticing signs of pest issues, our team can help. With years of experience, our team has taken care of all pest situations and yours will be no different! One way to stop the problem from happening and becoming a bigger issue is through proactive pest control. Keep reading to learn about ways to be proactive when it comes to pest control and contact us today if you are experiencing a pest problem!

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Clean it Up!

One way to prevent a potential pest issue is by ensuring that your spaces are well-maintained and clean. Pests can often be attracted to spaces filled with clutter, especially if food is in the area! When you leave things like food out, this is a great way to bring in uninvited guests to the dinner party. Not only is it important to keep your spaces clean and dispose of food properly, but it can also help to invest in high-quality trash bins and sealed tupperware for your pantry. Pets can often get into these spaces and it can take a while before you even notice signs of them! By keeping your food areas well protected, it is harder for pests to get in and have a reason to stay.


Watch the Moisture

Pests are attracted to areas with moisture, especially when it gets hot out! If you have areas of your home that often create moisture and traps it in, these areas can be in danger of creating a pest issue. It is important to be mindful of damp and cool areas, as these are the spaces that the pests want to be in. If you notice moisture issues, take the time to clean it up thoroughly and inspect the reasoning for the issue. Oftentimes, a buildup of moisture can be due to leaky pipes or broken vents. If you want to prevent a pest problem, be active in drying up your moisture in your home or business!

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Check the Green

You are not the only one who loves the greenery in your home! While your plants can add a beautiful touch to your spaces, it can also be an inviting space for pests. Certain pests are attracted to plants and can turn the plants into their new home! If you have greenery in your home, it is important to stay consistent on keeping it clean and checked. Not only can pests cause an annoying issue in your home but they can also be dangerous to your plants. If you are not actively checking on your plants to find pests, it can take some time for the problem to become noticeable. While having plants in your spaces can cause pests, it is not a reason to get rid of your lovely plants. Take the time to be mindful that they are a favored space for pests and routinely check on them to ensure that they are safe from a pest problem.


Separate the Space

If you enjoy spending your time on your patio or backyard, be mindful that pests do too! Not only can pests be an issue inside of your home, but they can also be an annoyance outside. When you spend your time outside, you can accidently create an invite for them to come inside with you! It is important to separate your spaces between the inside and outside to stop pests from coming inside. When you are outside, ensure that you keep your door shut so that they don’t have an easy way to enter. Keep your outdoor plants, gravel, and dirt near your home clean and secured. Areas outside with moisture, such as wood for your fire pit, dirt, and plants can be a great place for pests to reside. Not only can you get a build up of a pest problem outside, but the longer the problem persists, the more likely it is to follow you inside! If you do notice a pest problem inside, it is important to investigate the areas outside to see if that is where the problem came from in order to prevent it from getting worse.

Work With the Professionals

The best way to be proactive on pest control is to work with the professionals. No matter how hard your try to prevent a pest problem, it can still happen to anyone. Once a pest proplem occures, it is likley to get worse if you don’t get the professional help you need to stop it and find the cause. At Bug Pro, we can assess your areas to help you determine the cause for the problem while taking care of the situation at hand. Not only does our team care about stopping the issue quickly, but we want to help you stop it from happening again!

No one wants a pest issue, but when it does happen, look no further than Bug Pro! At Bug Pro, we provide advanced pest control solutions and eco friendly pest control so that the people in your spaces can be safe and we can work together to protect the environment. If you notice a pest issue in your home or business, contact us today to get it taken care of!

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