4 Unknown Facts About Mosquitos

4 Unknown Facts About Mosquitos

Mosquitos are pesky insects that can ruin outdoor activities and even cause health problems. While many people know about the dangers of mosquito bites, there are some things that most people don't know about these pests. In today's blog post from BugPro, we will discuss four unknown facts about mosquitos. Stay safe this summer by knowing all you can about these annoying insects, and when you need pest control in Corpus Christi, work with us today!

Mosquito on skin.

Only the Female Mosquitos Bite

It's a common misconception that both male and female mosquitos bite humans. The females are the only ones that require blood meals, while the males feed on plant nectar. Male mosquitoes don't have the mouthparts that are necessary for piercing human skin.

A mosquito on a leaf.

There Are 3,500 Species of Mosquitos but Only 100 of Them Bite

With over three thousand species of mosquitos, it's no wonder that these pests are so common. Out of all of the different types of mosquitos, only around one hundred species will actually bite humans. The rest stick to biting animals or feeding on plant nectar.

A woman spraying bug spray on her arm to avoid getting bitten by a mosquito.

The Best Time to Avoid Mosquitos is in the Afternoon

Mosquitos are most active during the dawn and dusk hours, but they will bite humans at any time of day. If you're trying to avoid mosquito bites, it's best to stay indoors or take precautions like wearing long sleeves and using bug spray during the afternoon.

A BugPro professional spraying a backyard.

Mosquitos Hibernate More in Temperate Climates Because They Are Cold-Blooded

While mosquitos can be active all year long in tropical climates, they tend to hibernate more in temperate and cold climates. This is because they are cold-blooded insects and their activity level decreases when the temperature drops.

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